Elusive thoughts, fragmented thoughts, shattered like so many fireflies flickering about an ebony night, propelled outward

By an explosive jolt from the wedge of melancholy

That is driven into my spongy brain


The percussion slams against the back of my eyes

And the lids flinch as the light of a single thought squeezes itself through a pinhole

Then runs in fear of being captured by the talons of depression


The round ball that is my eye, quivers in its socket

The white fades to a butterscotch hue

And like a grit of sand lost in the eye, scratching the surface…there is pain


A tear escapes and the fragments dart about

At rapid velocity and a swarm of shrapnel bands together

To form a diaphanous column…

It expands and contracts and the separate pieces coalesce and weld themselves together

To form again a single thought

And again

The wedge strikes with pitiless force

And the strident report suffuses the cavity that is my skull

The wedge drives deeper

Into the now, dry…hardened brain and the thought separates

Petrifies and remains suspended…arrested…still, leaving me



Elusive thoughts, fragmented thoughts…