Random Thoughts


I just finished a radio interview.  I’ve done a few of these things, should be fun right?  You get a chance to talk about yourself and millions of people are going to hear it.  Therein lies the challenge.  Do I want millions of people to know what I am up to?


I am actually a very private person, a loner some would say.  Don’t get me wrong, I like people in general and have a lot of friends and acquaintances to prove it.  Many of my closest friends might even go so far as to say that I have the “gift of gab” I know many of the teachers from my school days would certainly agree with that sentiment.


My two daughters have bullied me into signing up for Face book and twitter.  I still don’t get that one.  I’ve been a dubious member of each and honestly I am exhausted. What with all the updating as to my goings on and where abouts.


Uploading photos from my Iphone –BTW (by the way) I am not getting endorsement money for mentioning these items they have simply become iconic figures practically overnight. 

When I need a paper towel I always refer to them as Scott Towels, even though Scott is simply one brand name representing the enormous paper towel industry.  Suffice it to say that I often refer to my gadgets by their brand name as opposed to their generic one. Tissues will in my house shall forever be referred to as Kleenexes.  Perhaps I should get a few endorsement deals set up through “my people?”  I digress. The gift of gab remember?


Modern day communication has swamped us with verbal vomit and information over load.  Do I really need to know that Debbie has just finished reading her book?  Or that John loves dogs?  Or that Kathy hates life-today?  Better yet, do they really need to know that I just parked my car and I’m going in for groceries?


At least with an e-mail there is some real news of sorts.  E-mails remind me of those really long winded letters that your aunt writes whereby the entire families’ entire year is encapsulated and summarized in a few pages.  Along with the requisite mention of the various illnesses the writer of the letter had come down with throughout the year, clear down to dates and times and recovery protocol. 


My favorite time of the day is early morning. No I’m not talking about your garden variety early rising.  Even the those birds that seem to get up early in the morning to get all the worms everyone keeps talking about blanch when they see me get up.  Try 3:30 am. Everyday. 

I have my routine. I’ll spare you the details because we all have one.  However, recently I decided that instead of turning on the computer to make my daily rounds.  Or pick up a book I am reading or my new E-pad-Ha! No brand name, there is change in the air. I just sit…and sit…and sit…and sit some more.  I stare at the walls, I stare at our cat, she stares back, and she’s really good at it.  Then the two of us take turns staring at everything in the room.  Then lo and behold even she gets bored and has to move on and find something a bit more exhilarating to do.  So I am left alone to stare.  And I love it! 


To fight back the compulsion to get on with the day, to get it on, to get going, to do something, anything to get the day started.  It ain’t easy! Try it some time.  The myriad of panic thoughts that race through your mind. The tasks for the day begin to hammer you relentlessly.  Screaming at you from within.  “Hey don’t be so lazy, don’t be so irresponsible, get up and do these things we are suggesting! NOOOO! I say back.  And every day I do that, it gets easier and easier and my mornings become more…well…my mornings.

I have learned to choose which thoughts I’m going to listen to, better yet allow into the conversation.  This brings me back to my original impulse to write this.  So many things, so many people competing for our attention and yet we find time to seek out even more ways to distract ourselves, ways to drown out the real thoughts, the nourishing thoughts the thoughts that matter, out thoughts.  Put away the cell phone, which instantly demolishes the twitter, face book etc. problem.  Turn off the TV, the radio, put down the book.  Just sit.  Tell all of those voices to shut up. And just sit and stare.  You might want to get a cat. They are really good at it.  They can guide you in your early efforts.


Here is a challenge for you. I challenge you to get up ½ hour earlier than you normally do. Sure go ahead and grab your coffee, I do. Sit in your favorite chair and do absolutely nothing but drink your coffee. Be fully present, watch the crazy thoughts racing through your mind and take non of them seriously. Just observe them without judgment or prejudice. As Eckert Tolle says, you are not your mind and the thoughts it contains. You are the witness of the activity of thinking. Get to know the witness. The watcher. That’s the real you.

Make a long standing appointment to meet with that person every morning and enjoy the blissful feeling of being in touch with what truly is important. Take it one step further. The next time you interact with someone else remind yourself that most of what comes out of their mind is a byproduct of their thinking mind, you have not necessarily met the real them. Their WATCHER. You have to probe a bit deeper for that introduction.


Now, quickly grab your smartphone or computer and twitter bomb, Facebook bomb, instagram bomb, tumbler bomb all of those thousands of people you know so well and inform them of your morning experience.