(To be read aloud)


The roots

The roots that pull me down

Pull me down

Down, down, down

Pulling me down


I reach

I reach up

I reach up to the expanse

The expanse that pulls away

I reach up to the expanse that pulls away


I cannot

I cannot grip

I cannot grip the earth

The earth envelopes me

I cannot grip the earth that envelopes me


Wet earth

Wet and slick

Slimy wet, wet that slips

Wet earth that slips between my fingers


Fingers that tremble

Trembling fingers

Trembling fingers that shake

Trembling fingers that shake with fear


I howl

Like a captured beast
like a captured beast I howl


My heart is hollow

A hollow heart

A tormented heart

 A tormented heart

Hollowed out


A red heart

A once red heart,

Now black

A black heart, a heart that steals

A stealing heart


And a rage plunges

A rage plunges upward

Upward plunges the rage

Up and out

Molten rage


My voice rattles

A rattling voice

Not heard

A rattling voice not heard




Slam! Goes the rage


Out through a gaping wound

Slam goes the rage out through a gaping wound


And the ooze melts out

Ooze melting out

The ooze melts out the gaping wound





All is silent

Silent and still

All is silent and still


Still is the silence

Silent is the still


And the ooze swallows

Swallows the body

The ooze swallows the body


It eats upon the flesh

It eats upon the flesh

And the downward pull quickens

A force, an awesome force

An awesome force that sucks

A sucking force



Hands now bones

No longer reach


Hands that no longer reach upward

But dangle

Dangling hands

Hands that dangle



Split bones

Bones that are split

Rattling bones

Rattling bones that are split


A tear

A tear escapes

A tear escapes the hollow skull

A tear drips down

Down drips a tear


Down drips a tear


All is still





Hands still

Eyes still

Bones still

Skull still


The black heart


The once black heart

Now red


The body floats


The suspended body floats


 The suspended body floats upward



The body jolts


Upward jolts the body

Toward the expanse


The hands reach out

Out reach the hands

Reaching hands

Hands with flesh

New hands

New hands with flesh



Dry earth

Earth that is dry

Crumbling earth

Dry crumbling earth



The soul

My soul

The soul is my soul



A spirit that quickens

A quickening spirit

My spirit

My spirit quickening


And the body is pulled

The body is pulled up

Pulled up

The body pulled up


Out of the wound

The gaping wound

The body is pulled up

From the gaping wound

A wound in the earth

An earthly wound



A pulse

My pulse

The pulse resumes

My pulse resumes

A resuming pulse


A pulse to rhythm

A rhythmic pulse

Resumes to the rhythm

To the rhythm


To the rhythm of life

To the rhythm

To the rhythm of life

To the rhythm

The rhythm

The rhythm of life

To the rhythm

The rhythm

The rhythm

The rhythm

The rhythm…