Will they like it? Will they like me?

Will they like it? Will they like me?

I tip my hat to anyone ballsy enough to have put their stuff out there on the Internet to be seen by millions around the world. When my wife asked me if I ‘d mind her designing a website for me, I had to think long on that one. Try as we might, artists are not just putting a product on the market, they are revealing their very soul, in an arena that, although we are too shy to admit it, is one where criticism and judgment must of necessity be embraced.

I don’t mind putting my acting stuff out there, that’s how I am known by the public. And the jury weighed in on that year’s ago-I am still here and working more than ever, and to some extent as a painter as well. But writing and music? - Although I have had an affinity for both all of my life since my youth, are disciplines that require a delicate balance of sincerity and accurate representation, burdened with an overwhelming sense of responsibility due to the inherent risks of exposing one’s unguarded secret thoughts and less presentable, or less impressive traits, that we’d like to keep hidden from others. None of us are squeaky clean.

Artist can’t ever escape being exposed through their work. We might as well unapologetically crank it up the flagpole for all to see and take our lumps.

“Will they like it?” becomes more accurately, “Will they like ME? My products, be it music, artwork, writings etc. are me in concrete form. My sensibilities, tastes, good or bad, sophisticated or pedestrian, my thought process, my prejudices, and my value system are contained within those various vehicles of expression.

In the end, the fear, the concern, the trepidation quickly is replaced with a much more insistent and profound thought, that mantra’s back, “This is who you are” Either accept and affirm or deny or reject yourself.

I have always believed that I was put on this earth to connect with people and to connect people with people. I do it through the language of the arts. It is all I know. If there is truth to what Joseph Campbell states, that we are suppose to, “Follow our bliss” then the choice is already made. There was no choice. The arts chose me, I learned to embrace them.

So with all that being said. After much deliberation and thought I have decided to do this website and use it as a platform to offer up whatever insists on being expressed, regardless of the form. I hope you like it, I hope you like me, and if not? That’s fine too. I determined long ago that living an authentic life was to be preferred over living a fabricated one that, go’s along to get along. That is not life, that is death-imitating life. I’d really like my walk to match my talk.

Please check in from time to time and say hi and/or leave a comment. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to hear what I have to show and tell.

Love, peace and respect,


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