To my Love


Thy love disrobed of pretense, presents its subject well

Thou hast clothed my nakedness with a splendid robe

Oft’ thy beauty has graced my vision

Thy radiant light opens my blind eyes, so oft’ deceived,


Thy voice…a melody of whispers, piercing asunder the memories of those who sang before…

none ever so pure…


Thine eyes caress me as a newborn in arms, so delicate…

The cradle of comfort my heart longs for


How I pity the pauper and prince

Who hath not privilege to behold in awe thy graceful form.


Oh, that I might pass but once upon your shadow to partake of thy fruit

Even in dream, fore’r drunken in bliss, and for all time


What price might prove worthy of thy precious merchandise

Love…feigned would but wither in thy presence

Nor a love that doth boast of abundance,

For heaping measure need not be if the measure be pure indeed

And oh how it is…pure as silver shaken of dross


Let my steps press beside thee e’er so gentle a gate to suit thy grace

My arms to caress thee e’er so gently…firm

My eyes to foretell the journey so laid before us

My ears to receive thy dreams, desires, fears, and joys

My heart…My heart…to incubate our love, throughout eternity

My love…walk with me


For Suns golden glow at morn’s rise, though warm and splendid hath

Ne’er moved me such as thee

My sweetest dreams hath not arrayed before my eyes e’er words of love so sure


Truly, the mysteries of the night have so oft’ found me wanting, weak and strong

For one love shared by thee

Afar the hills high and low, those of lofty peak

Hold not majesty equal to thy stature, so proud…so strong

Strength to match the boldest storm…yet e’er so delicate to bend at slightest breeze


Thine eyes doth cast a light so bright my heart quivers in thy presence

Ne’er hath tears of joy so pooled upon my lid at such gentle speech…


Indeed my love, thou hath made me tremble weak with thy well chosen song


Yeh…through the corridors of time I shall…my love…walk with thee.