Recent & Current Projects

Currently Michael is working on SEAL TEAM's 2nd season, a CBS drama that is following an elite unit of Navy Seals. Michael is playing the role of: Captain Harrington.

Michael finished his 5th season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy winning Showtime series Ray Donovan as FBI Special Agent Frank Barnes.

Michael can be seen co-starring on Fox FX’s new Ryan (American Horror Story, Nip Tuck, Scream Queens Glee) Murphy’s, American Crime Story:

The People vs. O.J. Simpson as Detective Phillip Vanatter.

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How my journey began...

It’s hard to believe that I set out for Los Angeles with a backpack and $185 in September of 1983 with dreams of becoming a film and television actor. 30 plus  years in any one profession is highly unusual these days. And what an adventure it has been.


Although I enjoyed Drama class in Junior High, I certainly never even considered it as anything other than a fun class to take. Who could have predicted that 8 years later I would decide to make it my profession? I think there is something to be said for aspirations, ambitions and the passions of youth.


My favorite class was Drama and I was very involved in it. I remember doing a play-I believe I was 15, called The Good The Worse and The Broccoli. A Western farce. I played the bad guy. In one of the scenes I was to dance to dodge bullets while the good guy shot at my feet. His gun jammed and didn’t go off. So I improvised. I shouted “Bang, Bang, Bang!” while I pretended to dodge bullets piercing the floorboards. Naturally it received a big laugh from the audience. The feeling of having just made people laugh like that was highly satisfying.


The play just got better after that because we couldn’t make a mistake that we couldn’t cover up.

After the play, an older gentleman came up to me and said, “You are a natural at this, you could probably make a living doing this.” I was flattered but I blew it off.





Here I am 33 years later having fulfilled those revelatory words spoken from the lips of a stranger. If only he knew, or perhaps he does by now. I’ve been seen on both TV and in movie theaters for many years. 3 decades, going on 4.


 I took a big risk that day I left Seattle in 1983 and it certainly hasn’t come without its struggles, but man I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead, and to this day I am sincerely and genuinely grateful to have been allowed to live my dream profession. It has awarded me with experiences beyond my wildest imagination.


Through the blog on this site and posting various photos I want to share that adventure with you. In doing so I only hope it does one thing, inspire you to set your course and never look back.

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