The Artist

 " Although I enjoy acting as a collaborative art form, sometimes I want to be the writer, director, producer, and actor, and painting allows me to do just that. So much of what I do as an actor is to simply fill a role that has already been determined by other people. I have much greater freedom as a fine artist to create from start to finish. I have always turned to art as my "centering" activity. It gives me great peace and a genuine sense of connectedness with the bigger picture, if you will. "


  - Michael McGrady

About Michael Mcgrady

Even though Michael has achieved worldwide success as a professional actor and has made his living as such, he has never lost sight for his love of art.

As a former sculptor, muralist and fine artist, Michael now prefers to use the palette knife for his artwork as it suits his internal rhythm and satisfies his need for a kinetic application of the paint. Michael considers himself as an abstract realist, leaning towards impressionism.

He particularly gravitates towards bold colors and thick layers of paint to lend an energetic, impressionistic and three dimensional quality to his paintings.


"I am what is considered a self taught artist, although I use that term loosley. When asked how long it took me to learn how to paint I like to say, "a lifetime" (Artists statement).

It is less about being correct, and more about engaging your imagination and provoking an emotional response.” 

Original Impressionistic PaintingS


Modern Abstract Prints  available upon request

Interior Design & Custom Art Work

If you are working on remodeling your home by yourself or you are working with an interior designer, Michael McGrady & his design team are offering help with choosing a painting or even creating a custom piece of artwork for your home.  


If you are an interior designer and you are interested in showing Michael McGrady's work to your clients, please contact us.