The following are excerpts from an EPK interview


"I am a "self-taught" artist. although I use that term very loosely.  I have never taken an art class or workshop other than a couple of watercolor demonstration venues years ago.  I have never had the time.  Raising three kids and juggling an acting career that often took me out of town for months at a time, simply did not afford me the time to commit to my artwork.  I had to "sneak" it in when I could."

"I enjoy acting as a collaborative art form, but sometimes I want to be the writer, director, producer, and actor, and painting allows me to do that.  So much of what I do as an actor is to simply fill a role that has already been determined by other people.  I have much greater freedom as afine artist to create from start to finish.  I have always turned to art as my centering" activity.  It gives me great peace and a genuine

sense of connectedness with the bigger picture,

if you will."


"I have always found a sense of belonging as an artist.  When I was a young

boy my third grade teacher was always overly enthusiastic regarding my 

drawings and paintings. I think it was then that I figured out that I was on to


"I don't think an artist can divorce themselves from their "voice" if you will,

as easy as some might think.  I can recognize an artist's work simply by the

"footprint" they leave behind, regardless of palette, style, theme, or medium."

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