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"My songwriting was born out of a passionate desire to share my love for music. Creating music and performing it live is exhilarating and highly rewarding.

I like the simplicity of just laying down the basic groove to a song, and if I need to add players to the mix I have the freedom to hire professional musicians to fit the songs and the venue. I am not interested in playing songs that have been covered to death, nor in the way the original artists performed and recorded them. I like to find an acoustic version that stays true to the original sound while stamping a distinct signature on each song."


Inspired by the Beatle’s, My Sweet Lord, Michael, then10 years old, knew instantly he wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  That decision began a love affair with the acoustic guitar and songwriting that has never ended.

Having switched back and forth between the electric guitar and the acoustic over the years Michael has chosen to perform primarily acoustic sets, often times re-arranging familiar songs of the past and present mixed with thought provoking original songs to suit a signature groove. 


In 2019 Michael was asked by his youngest daughter Hunter to write the "Daddy Daughter Dance" song for her wedding.

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