Thoughts on Paper

Random Thoughts

I just finished a radio interview.  I’ve done a few of these things, should be fun right?  You get a chance to talk about yourself and millions of people are going to hear it.  Therein lies the challenge.  Do I want millions of people to know what I am up to?

 I am actually a very private person, a loner some would say.  Don’t get me wrong, I like people in general and have a lot of friends and acquaintances to prove it.  Many of my closest friends might even go so far as to say that..... READ MORE 


Elusive thoughts, fragmented thoughts, shattered like so many fireflies flickering about an ebony night, propelled outward

By an explosive jolt from the wedge of melancholy that is driven into my spongy brain


The percussion slams against the back of my eyes and the lids flinch as the light of a single thought squeezes itself through a pinhole then runs in fear of being captured by ....... READ MORE

Like scum it lurks beneath the dark places, swallowing the pipes whole,

Under the sink, where moist, dark Verde colored mildew and grunge, cling to leaky fittings,

Like half chewed bubble gum


Ever spoken from the thin lips of our superiors, carries a musty odor as from an old shoe,

caught in the corner of the closet under a box.

The shoe gasps for air, choking, it decays and rots. 

The eyes sting and drip, as the foul odor of shame represses us ..... READ MORE

The roots

The roots that pull me down

Pull me down

Down, down, down

Pulling me down


I reach

I reach up

I reach up to the expanse

The expanse that pulls away

I reach up to the expanse that pulls away .... READ MORE

Thy love disrobed of pretense, presents its subject well

Thou hast clothed my nakedness with a splendid robe

Oft’ thy beauty has graced my vision

Thy radiant light opens my blind eyes, so oft’ deceived,


Thy voice…a melody of whispers, piercing asunder the memories of those who sang before…

none ever so pure… READ MORE

Ode to the Wine Glass

Sparkling lights dance upon thy brim

Thy form holds gracefully the nectar within


So fragile, yet strong, so perfectly clear

By any ones standard unmistakably pure


A classic thou art withstanding the years

Held always with grace amidst laughter or tears


The glass with class polished refined

Destined to hold the gift of the vine


A sea of confusion, waves of ignorance

A blackening sky of disregard

We like ships sail the vast waters of life


Some have sails, many have not

Those without remain still

Casting a clear and painful gaze

Upon those that breeze by


Some have sails, a course, they have not

They sail aimlessly

 hither and thither

 outwards and back


The wind blows cold